To register, please fill out the form below and click on submit. We will contact you in few days.
The price specified when choosing the ‘Hotel room type’ includes :

  • the general conference fees, the coffee breaks
  • the breakfasts, lunches, dinners from Sunday (diner) to Friday (lunch),
  • the hotel nights (when applicable) from Sunday to Thursday included.

NOTE : Choose the « No room » option, then you must book your own room.

The payment can be made by bank transfer (the coordinates will be provided on the proformat registration file) or on-site with cash. A proof of payment will be provided at the end of the workshop.
Note: The price will include few cents refering to a local index to keep track of your payment, i.e the 14th registered participant pays 670.14€, the 8th 670.08€, etc.
Three possibilities: 670€ (single room), 570€ (double-shared room), 470€ (no room).

If your situation requires special care, please contact us

SingleDoubleNo room

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